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Mission & Goals

Carmela Vision: Our purpose is to educate all scholars on academic, technological, and social skills. With these skills, Carmela scholars will be prepared to continue on a path to higher education. It is our goal that all scholars are prepared to attend a four-year university, college, or follow a career path upon high school graduation. 
Carmela Mission: Our mission is to ensure that all scholars have the academic skills, technological skills, and character traits that are necessary to be successful adults. We promise to value the diversity of our scholars' population and work diligently to provide the best instructional practices. We will honor each scholar by providing a safe and positive environment where everyone can learn and develop intellectually, socially, and physically. We seek to instill an appreciation for cultural sensitivity, a positive attitude toward self and others, and the responsibility for lifelong learning skills. Together, the staff at Carmela, our parents, and our community stakeholders will empower students to prepare for an ever-changing, diverse, competitive, and complex world.