The mission of South Whittier School District is to prepare every student for success in high school and beyond by focusing on the core academic subjects in an effective and integrated curriculum.

We believe:

All students can learn.

Students learn best when they are engaged in challenging and appropriate learning focused on the core academic subjects of language arts, mathematics, science and social studies integrated with physical education and the fine arts.

Quality teachers are the single greatest predictor of student success.

The diversity and uniqueness of each student should be respected.

Students learn best when families value education, and teach their children to accept increasing responsibility for their own learning.

Quality education improves the quality of life for students, their families, and the community now and in the future.

Mr. Hamilton's Class

Mrs Bobluk's Class

Family Fun Night!

Trimester Awards Assembly

Student Council

Our mission is to ensure that all scholars have the academic skills and character traits that are necessary to be successful adults. We know that our scholars have several external factors (socio-economic status, English as a second language, foster youth, etc.) that make learning complex. We are dedicated to unwrapping the complexities and providing scholars with the tools to cope with and overcome external factors. We promise to value the diversity of our scholars' population and work diligently to provide the best instructional practices. We will honor each scholar by providing a safe and positive environment where everyone can learn and develop intellectually, socially, and physically. We seek to instill an appreciation for cultural sensitivity, a positive attitude toward self and others, and the responsibility for life long learning skills. Together, the staff at Carmela, our parents, and our community stakeholders will empower students to prepare for an ever-changing, diverse, competitive, and complex world. Carmela Vision: Our purpose is to educate all scholars on academic and social skills. With these skills, Carmela scholars will be prepared to continue on a path to a higher education. It is our goal that all scholars attend a four year university upon high school graduation.


 Dr. Trena Salcedo-Gonzalez 


Message to our parents

Message: Please check your child's homework nightly and have him/her read for 20/30 minutes. Your help and support is needed to ensure that they are successful in school and life.

Por favor de revisar la tarea de sus hijos cada tarde y leer 20 a 30 minutos. Su ayuda y apoyo es necesario para asegurar exito en la escuela y en su vida.

South Whittier School District Care Force

Every other Wednesday of the month from 8:00am-2:30pm at Carmela School. Close for lunch break from 12:00pm-1:00pm.* Cada primer y tercer Miércoles del mes de las 8:00am-2:30pm en la escuela Primaria Carmela. Cerrado durante la hora del almuerzo 12:00pm-1:00pm.

Uniform policy

Please remember Carmela Elementary School has a uniform policy. All students are to be dressed in the appropriate school attire, ready to learn.
Thank you,

Póliza del uniforme escolar

Por favor recuerden la póliza del uniforme de la escuela primaria Carmela. Los estudiantes deben de estar vestidos apropiadamente y listos para aprender.
Sra. Trena Gonzalez

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